Daily Archives: December 13, 2012

Njenva is not serious


Njenva is not serious because:

1. She hasn’t met her workplace targets. Was supposed to recruit 12 expatriates into East Africa, has only recruited 2!!!

2. She is busy arranging photos and trolling the web instead of helping out her colleagues in West and South Africa because they have loads of work.

3. She has not yet budgeted her income for the next 3 months. This will probably mean that she will buy things she doesn’t want and then get stressed because she will not have money to buy the things she needs.

4. She hasn’t yet thought about what to get her family and friends for Christmas.

5. She has been postponing her doctors’ appointment and now her nail is nearly falling off.

6. She has been postponing making some telephone calls to some of her friends and now she is sure that they are not amused by her silence.

7. She has told Jeff that the next time he is going to see her is February 2013.

8. She has just postponed a trip to Kisii.

9. She has had a series of bad hair days that it should now be referred to as bad haired life……

10. She didn’t even know what to blog about today! 🙂