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2012 – The Year That Was…


2012 started off with me being in an unexpected place, with unexpected people around me and with unexpected randomness. I have enjoyed this year, God has been good. There are very many things that happened this year and I will look for opportunities to repeat the good times and use the bad times as learning points.

My Best 2012

Moment – Walking out of the tube at Westminister Station and seeing the look on Mrs. Adrian’s face as she saw Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, River Thames and the London Eye all at the same time. AMAZING.

Movie – Avengers. I went to watch it on the big screen thrice. I also went to watch Nairobi Half Life thrice but I could only select one movie…..

Song – Number One by Kevoh Yout

Place – It has to be Venice, Italy. I am getting all dreamy by how much I would like to go back. Too beautiful.

Book – This book was recommended by Waruguru. I didn’t know how much I would enjoy it! In this last week of this year, I have read over 13 books, very proud of this!

Achievement – Losing some weight! WHAT!!! This is not easy!

I am also happy that I started blogging, I had postponed it for so long!! Thank you Ciiku!

My Worst 2012

Moment – As is the norm, walking around our house in the village whilst nearly naked and then realising that the farm assistant has been in the house and has seen me. I am still cringing.

Word – Tunawesmek. I am PK’s loudest supporter. I just don’t think his team selected right with that slogan. How do I explain it to my grandmother?

Sentence – Tank u Fada. WHAT THE HECK. Especially in Christian circles to mean ‘Thank you Father’ What is wrong with typing out the correct sentence?

Movie – Madagascar 3D. It was such a disappointment. I love colour, but it was too much. At some point during the movie, I actually thought of walking out. It was so fake! SIGH.

Song – Mbona by Daddy Owen and Denno. Denno has a great voice, Daddy Owen is taking the initiative to support the differently abled. But this song has been over played. It is now irritating my ears.

Place – Jeff‘s Torture Chamber

Book – This book that was selected by my bookclub. I didn’t even get halfway and I am NOT happy that I spent my money on it.

Lessons Learnt in 2012:

1. Don’t hurry to wipe someone’s windscreen. It could be that your spectacles are foggy and not the windscreen.

2. You have to love your siblings even if they like going for number two with the bathroom door open.

3. The person who may sort you out may be the watchman or stranger standing next to you. Don’t be afraid to ask.

4. When someone has a negative personality and aura, let them be. Don’t allow it to be transferred to you, you are not a conduit of negativity.

5. When someone wants to check out your electric toothbrush, please dip it in water first and dry it out completely so that toothpaste foam doesn’t pour all over them when they switch it on.

6. It is possible to go to Mombasa for a day – ride bikes, swim, go to a water theme park and the beach – and spend less than Kshs. 5,000.

7. Trust those who defend your position even when you are not around.

8. Life is full of surprises, just be ready to roll with the punches.

9. Nothing is forever. Bad times will end. And good times will end.

10.  Sometimes, it is better to just walk away and start afresh.