Daily Archives: January 3, 2013

What Leads Some People To My Blog


WordPress provides a summary of the searches that people have made for them to be directed to my blog. Some of these searches just make me wonder how/why Google directed them my way!

Some of my favourites:

Is Jennifer Aniston an introvert?

I honestly don’t know if she is. I don’t know that you would get the answer by visiting my blog either!

Kenya on pre eclampsia

What is pre-eclampsia? I know I have heard this word in reference to pregnancy but I have no idea what it is…..

Cat elephants / What cats eat / Eat the cats

You should see the look on my face.

Skinny elephants / Fat elephants

What’s the fascination with elephants?

Some embarrassing dares to do with my step sis sleepover


Unequally yoked with an alcoholic

Interesting topic but I am sure I haven’t written about it. Yet. Is someone hinting?

Electricity birds

I have always thought that the only other species of birds in the world are Angry Birds. Never heard of electricity birds……

I will hug you

Wow. Some people Google that! Is there something I don’t know?

And the number one search item that directs people to Njenva’s Ramblings? Saloons / Salons And you should see my hair!