What Leads Some People To My Blog


WordPress provides a summary of the searches that people have made for them to be directed to my blog. Some of these searches just make me wonder how/why Google directed them my way!

Some of my favourites:

Is Jennifer Aniston an introvert?

I honestly don’t know if she is. I don’t know that you would get the answer by visiting my blog either!

Kenya on pre eclampsia

What is pre-eclampsia? I know I have heard this word in reference to pregnancy but I have no idea what it is…..

Cat elephants / What cats eat / Eat the cats

You should see the look on my face.

Skinny elephants / Fat elephants

What’s the fascination with elephants?

Some embarrassing dares to do with my step sis sleepover


Unequally yoked with an alcoholic

Interesting topic but I am sure I haven’t written about it. Yet. Is someone hinting?

Electricity birds

I have always thought that the only other species of birds in the world are Angry Birds. Never heard of electricity birds……

I will hug you

Wow. Some people Google that! Is there something I don’t know?

And the number one search item that directs people to Njenva’s Ramblings? Saloons / Salons And you should see my hair!

3 responses »

  1. heheheheh pre eclampsia was in a comment about your hospital rumblings.
    Saloon vs salon was a title of your ramblings
    Cats seriously…… Your sister and her cats rings a bell?
    Electricity birds. A photo of birds on the electricity pole on your way to shags
    Still reading the other posts Am behind….. need to catch up. Will probably find other connections to the search results. Loving it so far

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