Daily Archives: January 10, 2013

Insanity! Oooops, Insomnia.


Ladies and gentlemen, the reason behind my cotton-wool-in-the-head syndrome! I got home at about 5.45pm yesterday. I took 1 piece of Weetbix and went to sleep. And woke up today morning at about 7:00am. I feel so much better!!

I realize that this was the first evening since maybe July where I have gone to bed without:

  1. Reading a book; or
  2. Killing myself with Insanity; or
  3. Going to Jeff’s torture chamber; or
  4. Hanging out with my friends!

Basically, I haven’t slept before midnight since July – of course give and take a few days. No wonder I was tired and sluggish and dizzy and all the stuff I have been. I hope to sleep by 10pm today and see how I feel tomorrow. I feel so energized, woohoo!

Have a wonderful day!