Daily Archives: January 11, 2013

Nice Girl!


One of my colleagues came into the office with two of her kids and this visit took me way back to when Hipilicious and I were kids. We loved visiting Mrs. Adrian’s office and we would beg to stay there the whole day during the holidays. Our highlight was sitting below Mrs. Adrian’s table to read novels or do our homework while waiting for lunch time where we were sure to get chips and sausages! Bliss.

We kept on going to her office even when we were grown up and now couldn’t hide under her table where no one could see us. So now we sat on a visitors chair looking like clients who had no where else to go. I remember going to her office to do my assignments when I was in campus!

When we were little (maybe 7 years and younger) before Skinny joined us, I remember the times when we would go to Mrs. Adrian’s office and all the ladies would come cooing at Hipilicious, ‘Oooh, she is so cute!’ and then proceed to ignore me.

So today what happened was that this lady came in with her two kids and everyone kept on telling one child, ‘Oh, you are so pretty!’ , ‘Wow, what a beautiful girl you are’, etc The mother must have gotten upset with all the attention that this one child was getting so she asked, ‘What about the other one?’ Then everyone started, ‘Oh, you are such a nice girl’, ‘That’s a nice dress you are wearing’, etc.

I wondered how to hug the young girl and just let her know that 20 years later, she will be okay even if no one tells her that she is cute and has beautiful hair. Look at me, I am OKAY.