Confessions From Last Week


1. I forged a date on my driving license. I added a ‘2’ to increase validity duration.
2. I also asked someone to bring me a receipt from their house seeing as I had fueled the company car and forgot to request for a receipt.
Not a good week for ethics……..
3. I worked for a maximum 5 hours this whole week.
4. Didn’t make my bed the whole week.
5. Ate fries for lunch every single day of the week.
6. Got to the office past 9am everyday. And didn’t go at all on Friday!
7. Ignored a request from someone.
8. Discovered the man in – please note, in not of – my dreams.
9. I insulted my colleague to his face and called him a cow – and also realized that I work with a bunch of truly special people!
10. My Bible Study preparation wasn’t done.
11. Realized that I might have forgotten to pay my November rent!
12. Ate NO fruits or vegetables the entire week.

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  1. Now Now now, you know you could still write to me the VIVA sisters letters and i promise to respond. Looking forward to reading more posts. Congrats!!!

    • Veeeeeeee!!!! I am so glad that you are now reading. Our letters must have been an inspiration to start writing….. When am I receiving your next letter?

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