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Saturday a.k.a. Stroke-day. Part 1


Saturday 20th January started as I had planned. I woke up at 7.30am after sleeping at about 3am. Seeing as I had slept most of Friday, I didn’t feel too bad waking up after sleeping for four hours. IO and I were going for a funeral service for our former colleagues’ father. Then we had planned for brunch to meet with her friend H, and I was to meet up with Hipilicious in town in the afternoon.

By the time I got to IOs place, my eyes were smarting from how bright the sun was. She graciously agreed to drive to the service and the service felt like a huge reunion. Since our family was having monthly prayers that evening and I hadn’t gotten gifts for people, IO and I split and I went to Sarit Center to get some stuff while she went to pick up H.

We met up at Java and Faiyo our other friend also joined us. We were so hungry so first things first. Nyum nyum nyum nyum….was the only sound you could hear for a few minutes. H had to leave at some point so it was just IO, Faiyo and myself. Hipilicious texted to let me know that she was already in town and I responded at 2.26pm “I should be there before 3.30pm”

When I put the phone back on the table, I rested my hand on my cheek and huh? My hand wasn’t on my cheek. I couldn’t feel my cheek. So I touched my left ear and couldn’t feel it either. Hmmmmmmm. Touched my right ear and it was there. Touched my left ear and couldn’t feel it.

Ladies, I’m not feeling too well, I need to step out for a bit, I need air.
Oh no, sorry, do you need any help?
No, I’ll be fine.

As I was walking out, I touched the left side of my neck and chest. I couldn’t feel that too! Decided that I had rather collapse near my friends and I walked back to the table.

CALL HIPILICIOUS NOW! I need a hospital or a doctor.
There’s AAR on 4th floor, lets go there.
IO says, Faiyo go with her, I’ll take care of the bill, meet you there.

Faiyo and I dash to AAR. Faiyo is calm and concerned. Are you okay? Can you walk fine? Can you now feel your face? What do you want me to do? Do you need. ?….? Faiyo, I’m fine.

Hi, I’d like to see a doctor, here’s my Resolution Health medical card.
Sorry, we don’t take that card.

Let’s go to Aga Khan Hospital was among the last things I remember saying because I then realized that I couldn’t feel my left arm! Panic mode. Confusion mode. Who’s going to tell Hipilicious that we are now going to Aga Khan? Will the last conversation I had with Mrs. Adrian about the farm be the last conversation we would ever have? What are the signs of a stroke? Am I going to place my life into the hands of the person with the worst road rage I know? If I die and people go to the loft, they will find evidence of me not having made my bed for a week!!!!!!

Part 2