Daily Archives: February 1, 2013

Willis Raburu


Willis Raburu a.k.a. Njenva’s current crush. Current meaning from sometime in January 2013 and is due to end before 14th February 2013. Willis (first name basis!) is a TV Presenter that I got to know about last month. I had actually seen his photos here¬†and wondered who the heck he was being in so many photos instead of Rufftone *INSERT SIGH*¬†Seeing as I don’t watch TV at all, I had no idea who he was and why he was there….

Anyway, I got to find out that he does a segment on Citizen Tv – Truthmeter – when someone from the office forwarded a clip of his segment showing a summary of how 2012 went down. The clip also showed a couple of out-takes from various presenters. His out-take was so cute. Especially since I have always admired rappers….

Please find the said out-take below:

Also find another one of his older videos – I keep on laughing at the end and what made me happy was him saying, ‘Mtu anisaidie…‘ Hahahaha, truth be told, he is growing better with age. Just like Will Smith, Denzel and Inspeckta Mwala.

Tharizit. The End.