Daily Archives: February 5, 2013

Nairobi Hospital


So, if you have a medical emergency and need to see a doctor quick, DON’T go to Nairobi Hospital.

I had said that I would go for a second opinion but I hadn’t scheduled an appointment. Unfortunately, that decision was taken from me when I started going numb at work, just like that. Our office driver rushed me to Nairobi Hospital and I got there in less than 10 minutes. I requested for emergency services and I was told to go queue and pay up first before anyone would attend to me. Hmmmm.

Okay. I paid up and asked for emergency services AGAIN and I was told to wait at the Triage area and when the nurse was free, request whether she could provide emergency services. Thank God, when I just reached the triage area, a patient walked out of the cubicle and I got in and explained to the nurse what the situation was. That was 11am.

The doctor came to see me at 1pm. And said that she thought the tests might take a while so could the nurse please get me the lunch menu and take me for tests. My first test was done at 3pm. I got my lunch at 5pm after re-requesting 4 other nurses to get me the menu since I was hungry. I was discharged at 6pm by a different doctor who told me, ‘You are not pregnant’. So of all the 6 or so tests I did, that was the most important news? I could have told her that myself!

My Issues:

  1. Time and resources. It seems Nairobi Hospital has neither of these commodities. An emergency case was attended to after 2 hours. The guy who paid up at the cashier just before me was seen by the doctor when I was done with my tests at about 4pm.
  2. Aga Khan Hospital took less than 15 minutes for the nurse and doctor to see me and for them to give a preliminary diagnosis and an injection was administered within the same time. So even if the driver had driven all the way to Aga Khan from Kilimani, I would still have been attended to faster.
  3. I had to ask four different nurses to get me food? I should have unleashed my chapo from my bag and just walked to the vending machine to get coffee.
  4. Since I had to undress and wear hospital clothes (and especially since I was wearing this) I had to be wheeled around on a wheelchair. All my items – shoes, clothes, laptop bag and handbag – were put in a pink trash bag and I had to carry that trash bag with me everywhere. Talk about being a hospital bag lady – I felt ridiculous.

Seriously, Nairobi Hospital your services are ridiculous.


And on another note, I am done blogging about sickness, diseases and hospitals. Too depressing.