Are there certain things around you that trigger your memory of something else?

Chopping Tomatoes

I don’t know why. Every time I chop tomatoes, I remember the first dude to ever call me his girlfriend. The one who used to write me love letters while in high school that my friends and I would read out loud and laugh at. The one who used to spray cologne on the letters and attach a blade of grass from wherever he was writing from. I have no idea why chopping tomatoes links my brain to him!


Just hearing the word gives my scalp the shivers. This should actually be a blog post by itself! My auntie Wowenz lived in Muguga and when we went to visit her, she gave Hipilicious and I the worst hair blow drying experience that we have ever had. I have never gone back to Muguga after that because I fear for my scalp!


Everytime onions are chopped and they make my eyes tear, I remember Felix Mugo. Mugo was one of the nicest people I have ever met. He was everyone’s best friend and he was very caring. He is the only person (other than Skinny and I) that Hipilicious let drive her cars. He was everyone’s go-to man. But he was killed by a reckless driver. I can’t remember crying as much as I did when he died.


When I was in KU, our Saturdays were blocked for hanging out in Githurai, especially for eating roast pork. Even hearing matatu touts saying the word Githurai makes me salivate 🙂

Smell of Flowers

This reminds me of our old house in Kariobangi South. Mrs. Adrian used to buy fresh flowers nearly every week and since the house was small, their smell would spread to the entire house. This ritual stopped when Skinny was born and we moved house. But whenever I smell flowers, I am reminded of the house with a green door B146.

Razor Blades

Everytime I see razors I remember Mr. Adrian. He had so many razors all over the house, I don’t know why! After he died, it was an exciting adventure to find a razor that was hidden somewhere by him. So when I am feeling WOIYE on myself that I don’t have a father (Hipilicious and Skinny will laugh at that phrase!) I just pass by the razor blade aisle in the supermarket and remember Mr. Adrian.


What triggers your memory of something else?



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  1. Lucky Dube…reminds me of my dad and our trips to Kitale every Christmas. He used to play it on repeat, from Nairobi to Kitale. And the roads were not as good so you know that was a looooooooooong trip. Sometimes we’d play Boney M and Franco. But most times it was reggae.

  2. Chips. Again, reminds me of my dad. He used to bring chips home every Friday or Saturday and we’d pour them out on a tray and share.

  3. Tracy Chapman-specifically the song ‘fast car’. Reminds me of getting lost in Nakura National Park where we were supposed to be following my uncle who zoomed away and left us in his dust until we couldn’t see him any more. We drove around that park until it got dark and panic started settling in coz we were only women in the car. The relief when we saw an exit gate, we were in tears!! When we finally made it back to my grandpa’s house, those in my uncle’s car were like, where have you been? They had gotten to the lodge and eaten and lounged for hours waiting for us. These were the days before cell phones. Fun times.

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