Daily Archives: February 26, 2013

Go tallie, it’s your birthday!


Thank you Jesus, I have lived long enough to see my birthday in 2013.

Now to evaluate my things to do before today. You should have seen me yesterday running around, up, down and sideways trying to make sure that as many items as possible on this list are completed! Lesson learnt is that I should space out the activities and not expect a number of them to be done during the last month.

  1. Lose at least 30% of what I weighed at my last birthday. I have lost at least 14% of what I weighed at my last birthday. I am not very happy with this but I can always include this in my next list of things to do!
  2. Join a book club. Thanks Wangu! I like the bookclub I joined.
  3. Visit Kisii and tour the town. This ended up being a road trip that had many good surprises.
  4. Go to Mount Kenya Safari Club for the night. Thanks to my workplace I ended up staying there for an entire week.
  5. Read at least 30 of all the e-books that I have. This may have contributed to the current poor state of my eyes. Too many e-books and Kindle books!
  6. Eat fish and chips in London. This was too exciting.
  7. Ride a roller coaster (I am so scared of heights, this is my dare you NJENVA moment). I may have become a roller coaster junkie. I have even googled the most scary ones and I am hoping to challenge myself one day.
  8. Become a member of the new church I have started attending. Done!
  9. Join a ministry at the same said church – To be included in the next list….
  10. Learn how to walk in heels. Then I can graduate to walking properly in heels…… My old friend saw some of my shoes and was so shocked. Apparently, I had vowed never to buy heels…. Things and people change…
  11. Have great hair for 30 days continuously. Nice braids did the trick. Especially if you know how to style braids like I do, you are home and dry.
  12. Visit at least 4 children’s homes and volunteer to spend my time with the kids. So sad that I only visited one kids home.
  13. Ride a bike in Nairobi (for some reason, I always ride bikes in other towns, but not Nairobi!) Seriously!!! Can’t believe that this wasn’t done!
  14. Visit Mercy, Irene, Justin and Mrs. Nyerere. Three out of four isn’t too bad, right? Poor Mrs. Nyerere, I will have to see her soon.
  15. Get new curtains for the LOFT. I have really made an effort to get new curtains but I haven’t gotten any that I liked. I have refused to buy any curtains just so that I can make progress with this list. I want gorgeous curtains not just any curtains.
  16. Learn how to put on make up. There is a certain make up artist somewhere that isn’t too pleased with me. I kept on postponing our class and as at this moment, the class hasn’t yet happened.
  17. Visit the village every other month. Dreams are made of this…..
  18. Hold a housewarming party at the LOFT (2 years later……) It actually sort of happened. My cousins came over to visit and I have taken it as a housewarming party. My little nephew asked his dad, ‘Is this what a feast looks like?’
  19. Go on an overseas trip with JINK. This has been postponed. I don’t know when we will go!
  20. Chat up a dude 2 dudes. I chatted up one dude. Maybe by the time my birthday is over, I will have chatted up another one!
  21. Give away clothes that I have had from before January 2012. I gave away many of my clothes but not all of them. This will definitely be included in my new list.

All in all, it has been a great year. I have no regrets and I thank God for all He helped me accomplish. Now on to the next. This next year is going to be FABULOUS!


* Who ‘got’ my post’s title?