Daily Archives: March 6, 2013

Let’s Do This!!!


So, due to my state of nerves brought about by the Kenyan General Elections, I haven’t been able to think of what to blog. What with my nails bitten to the cuticle? Some are even bleeding. My preferred Presidential candidate has already conceded defeat and now I am waiting for God’s appointed leader. I pray that Kenyans will maintain peace and not imagine that we can ‘fight’ to be placed in various positions.  We can do this!

Anyway, I am now back to the office and my colleagues have commented that the week away must have been too good. They have noticed that I have added weight. And yes, I have. I have added 5 kilos in 12 days. Who does that!? Goodness. It didn’t help that the food I was eating was:

What I will blame for my 5kgs increase..... Food I ate last week

What I will blame for my 5kgs increase….. Food I ate last week

All the same, I will lose it! I can do this!

I finally did my list of things to do before my next birthday! I will do this!