These past two weeks have been a roller coaster for me and my various groups of girlfriends


What with people attending important interviews and not being able to hear anything the interviewee is saying due to their looks

Reconnecting after not seeing each other for over 3 years

Hypothesizing about what he meant with that last text, or what he really meant when he said XYZ

One who was responding to someone saying a story with, ‘Abba Father‘ when it just was not relevant there…..

Another who is ditching a dude because, ‘He’s got too much Jesus

Doesn’t mean that everything has been great

We have been crying laughing over life. (Just for the record, I love crying laughing)

Some of us discovered that we may have blonde tendencies once in a while – not a great feeling

Having to deal with male chauvinists who get high on demeaning women in the marketplace

Realizing that we are responsible for all the things that have happened to us – good or bad

And that we have the choice

To either learn from the negative and make it our learning experience

Or to stick to beating ourselves silly with reminders of our failures

Or maybe cling to and cherish the great times

Who knows when the next time you will be laughing will be?


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