E-mail From Njenva to Waruguru. Circa 2004


Below is an e-mail I found yesterday. I sent it to Waruguru, who had just left the country. Funny enough, she who was out of the country got to know loads more about what was happening in my life than those who were here! Read and enjoy!

Note: I have changed some words from the original e-mail to make more sense to one who doesn’t know either one of us.


Date: 11th August 2004

Subject: God Loves You

Hi Waruguru!!! Today is a gloomy day, it is 08:05 but it looks like it is 6:30 in the evening! And my boss is not coming today so I have to work extra hard so that she doesn’t think that I only work so that she can see…. I am in a big fluffy sweater and (clever me!) sandals so my feet are freezing! Thanks for your mail, I was just LOL!

The church convention started yesterday and when Evaro (one half of a set of twins) called me to give me an update, the phone went off so I know it has started but I don’t know whats happening exactly. I remember a past convention is where I got to know Evaro and Mahia (the twins) and other people and also got to get really close to God again. I had gone with Hipilicious and so we had a lovely God experience that we kept on talking about at home till guys were bored. I hope it changes someone’s life the way it changed my life!! I have just remembered a story I keep on saying about that convention: Mahia was selling mandazis and I asked him to give me one then I would pay him later on. He agreed and I saw him later on and went to give him the money. When I gave it to him he said, ‘I am not the one who sold you the mandazi’!! It was Evaro!! So later on when I saw Mahia and I went to pay up and then he said ‘I thought I told you that I wasn’t the one who sold you the mandazi!!” Then I noted that he had a shuka wrapped around his waist. So much, much later I finally saw Mahia and told him, “I think your bro might be mad at me coz I kept on giving him the money for your mandazis, but here it is” You know what he said, “Just give me the money, I will give him the money and no, I am not mad at you!!” It was still Evaro without a shuka!!!!!!!

I always used to say the same thing about things not being the same especially in high school! I was the bad girl at the school and I used to do punishments like everyday. The only person who knew I was saved was the head mistress, who used to be the one punishing me….. Anyway, everytime I was going through a punishment, I used to say, these troubles will pass and I will have to get on with another one!! Or Jesus is coming, I will not stay in this state forever, things will change, I will die or be raptured into heaven!! Challenges never cease, when they do, consider yourself dead!! Even if you are in hospital, it is a challenge to stay alive so we should always expect challenges. As a born again Christian, challenges increase a thousand fold! The devil is always on your case, trying to make you lose your faith but when things get tough, that’s when you know you are going somewhere! A bogus Christian would not be disturbed by troubles and the devil, coz they are in the same camp!!

I really wanted to be Rosa’s (John’s sister) best friend. I had known her since we were small but one time during a science congress, we went to their school and she hosted my friend and I. She was so nice to me, I will never forget her hospitality. So now we are done with high school and we meet again in church and I am in this phase of really trying to be her friend, trying to win her friendship, visiting her at her work with cakes and all, then I learnt that friendship is not a one way thing. It’s a give and take. If one person is giving and the other is not, it just shows that it is a forced friendship! The best way is just to let God have his way, coz like with you…. I don’t know (Confession, after I left your place after the prayers before you went to the States, Mahia asked me whether I was serious about writing to you and I told him , yeah I will write once and if you don’t reply, that is the end……) and like with Homey, we became friends by default and with Evaro and Mahia through a mandazi!! We can never force these issues, they will only lead to heartbreak! Maybe if you had actually been able to become Steph’s best friend, you could have been marrying Billy!!

The bugger (Roughtone) has not replied my text. I texted him yesterday morning. I actually love that jamaa, like the way you can love a minister of God like TD Jakes……………. Let Theo go!! Those stories will sort themselves out  by the grace of God. On Saturday, he passed by me as if I was a dirty telephone booth!! It’s all good, I trust God will work things out. By the way, do you know his real name?

When I tell Pastor Andrew stuff, he acts as if am condemning him! For real, I can’t say that I will talk to him coz he already knows what I feel about his state of affairs!! We have a meeting kesho, I might bug him……

Please have a lovely time, God bless.

I am not easily disgusted but that last smiley you sent came close!!! Try me again!! I tried downloading the smileys but it seems that this computer is not compatible or something like that!!

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  1. That part about forced relationships has really encouraged me. I recently moved to another country & have done those cupcakes, going out of my way to non-reciprocity, no email replies. I try to understand people & their culture but i just don’t get these people. I have taken a step back.

    • It will happen. Not in the way that you plan it, but great friendships and relationships will happen even when you don’t realise that it is happening. Wishing you the best as you try to adapt in a new culture.

    • When I say I had a MAJOR crush on Roughtone, please believe me. I used to pray for him everyday at 11 – I had a phone reminder for that. Then send him texts. And go for all his concerts!!!

      • Hehehehe a phone reminder to pray for him? I believe you on the major crush… and now? Do you still pray for him? 🙂

      • Heeee Mirish. I had to let go. Especially since he got engaged. But I still follow up and I know details like how his parents don’t want him to marry his fiancee, etc… I can’t remember the last time I prayed for him.

  2. Girl,,,, i laughed hard at that part abt Roughtone’s parents not wanting him to marry the fiancee… n then that other part abt praying for him everyday at 11? y is this news? U r the best! n i totally miss them days. the good ‘ole days indeed!

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