Batting eyelashes and such activity


I have written before about my neighbours. How we relate to each other and how we arrange our clothes cleaning schedules without ever talking to each other. Well, I also have other neighbours whose nocturnal activities are quite disturbing and others who specialize in paper bags. Hmmm, I haven’t yet written about the paper bags story, have I? Added to things to write about.

I have another neighbour that I refer to as my husband. He lives in the apartments opposite my house and he drives a black subaru, just like the paper bags guy. I should stop refering to the paper bags guy because he is nothing like my husband. My husband leaves the house nearly at the same time that I do, just before 9am. He also comes back home before 5.30pm because by the time I get home if I have no plans, his car is usually already at the parking lot.

Why do I refer to him as my husband other than the fact that he is home often as an ideal husband should? 🙂 I have no idea. Especially since I had never spoken to him before last week.

After coming back from Dar, when I needed to go to work the next morning, I realised  that my car battery was flat. Seeing as I am among the last people in my estate to leave for the office, there were only two cars left in the parking lot. Mine and my husbands. 🙂 Since I know we leave for work at about the same time, I started circling his car, waiting for him to come out…. Just kidding. I have AA cover but I knew that it would take them at least 30 minutes to get to my house. So I sat in my car and waited for him to appear. And appear he did. And Njenva came bounding out of her car and ran towards him. Okay. Another just kidding moment.

Njenva, while batting her eyelashes, ‘Hi. How are you?

Husband, looking very confused seeing as this person has never said hi to him and it is obvious that she had been waiting for him, ‘Hi

Do you feel like doing some CSR?


Corporate Social Responsibility?


My car battery is flat, could you please help me jump start it?

More batting of eyelashes.


So he jump started my car battery, I said thanks and zoomed off as fast as my 900cc engine could allow it.

And I have never seen him since!!! Do I spook people away? Has he turned into C and his running away escapades? Or am I leaving the house too early? Maybe he is working from home this week? Or did I irritate him with my ‘Do I start the engine now?‘ questions?

Goodness, why do I obsess about my neighbours!?

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  1. He must be a hunk! How about baking a cake and dropping at his house for a proper thank you?

    You just chatted a dude! 😀

    • You have no idea. I chatted up another dude on my birthday so this one was complimentary chatting up of a dude! Hehehehe. You are not serious about baking a cake, are you?

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