Okay. We are already into the fourth month of the year and I am back where I started. Weightwise. I added 5 kgs during my birthday week and now I am back to where I was on 1st January. I need to shift off 20% of my weight this year and I need to get serious about it. I have also not been to see Jeff since before my birthday. But I have been doing some exercise videos at home. Sometimes.

Sometimes I eat within the calories allocated to me by MFP, sometimes I eat below and many times I eat over the calories allocated. I have been walking about twice a week and some weeks not at all.

I need to re-group and get serious. Because I am not serious at all. I remember how I was filled with shock and joy last year when I realised how easy it is to lose weight. I guess I also forgot how hard it can be to get the mojo back and get on with the program. So I am mentally re-strategising. And physically throwing away the white bread that has been in my freezer. Throwing it into the dustbin, not into my mouth. And planning my meals in advance. Eating more to weigh less. That will only make sense if you Google it…..

Back to my two truths and one lie.

1. I didn’t add a single pound/kilo during the Easter holiday. Even though I went to Lamu, Malindi and Mombasa and ate alot of food. I guess the exercises – swimming, walking, snorkeling, running up and down Wild Waters – cancelled out the eating. Very surprising.

2. I never sleep in buses on smooth roads. On rough roads, yes. Smooth roads, no. The only time I have ever slept in a bus on a smooth road was during the Europe trip when I had pneumonia. Well, I felt like I had pneumonia but it was just a very bad cold. So on Monday night I decided to take 2 Betapyn pills because I could feel a classic migrane coming up. And they knocked me out. I kept sleeping in 20 minute bouts. And waking up thinking, ‘Njenva, you are not really sleeping in a bus, are you?

3. No one even guessed that this was the lie. I am not worried about the rain messing up my jogging/walking routine because truth be told, at this point and time, I have no exercise routine to speak of. I will walk when I can and when I can’t, well, I can’t! I can’t even believe that I have become this blase about exercising.

I need Jesus! 


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  1. I am also regrouping..have been trying to “regularize” my walking routine – the weather has not been kind at all. It’s supposed to be spring right now but its freezing. Thank you so much for giving me the Runkeeper idea. I want to lose 14kgs in the next 4 months.. I started walking last week – 3 times a week for 4.6km. Yesterday was nice – i listened to Adawnage all the way home.

    • Nice that you are also on a quest! Why do you want to lose 14kgs in 4 months? Are you changing what you are eating or you will just focus on walking? You just started last week and you are already doing over 10kms a week, way to go! By the way, I mostly use Endomondo now, but Runkeeper is also good.

  2. Hey, yes… i will be walking.. and running.. there is a schedule i found at RunKeeper which has been working. Also watching my portions.. I got a plate with portion sizes to watch the amount of food i serve. I hope that will help..I just hope i’ll be able to keep it at 3 days a week. Gymn membership for me at this point is expensive. When i lose the 14kgs.. I will be closer to my ideal weight. I gained 6 Kilos in 4 months i couldn’t believe it.

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