I met Annabanana (AB) during my best friends wedding. I had heard about her and was very surprised when I met her. Anyway, to cut a very long story short, this post is to put down the lessons I have learnt from AB.

1. Humility. AB is one super accomplished woman. There is no one I know who is as accomplished as she is. She has been featured in magazines, journals, you name it, but never lords this fact over anyone. In fact, when you first meet her and ask her what she does for a living, she will tell you that she is a waitress!

2. Go-Getter Attitude. AB believes that there is nothing that can be concieved in her mind that cannot be achieved. And she works hard to achieve her goals

3. Walking upright. Everytime I want to feel confident about myself, I tell Njenva, ‘Walk like AB‘. Shoulders straight, legs purposeful, controlled gait and looking at the world in the eye. That is how AB walks!

4. Planning. I thought I was a master at planning ahead till I met AB. She is always 10 steps ahead. She thinks of options to take when her ‘Option D’ comes through. She is rarely caught off guard by anything.

5. Speaking out her mind. She is brutally honest. So you will either love her or loathe her but she will have said her piece and moved on. It is up to you to figure out how to deal with yourself but you are never unsure about her stand on a matter. I remember when I first met her and she told me that she was going to get married in about 3 months and I said, ‘Oooh. How sad, I will not be able to attend. I can’t buy another ticket to SA within 3 months!‘ and she said, ‘Why would you be coming and I haven’t invited you for my wedding‘. Hence I got introduced to her speaking her mind and I had to introduce her to the art of being Kenyan – going to weddings that you have heard are happening without being invited or knowing the groom or bride!

6. Adventure. AB has this crazy sense of adventure – she likes trying out new things, places and activities. Her life is therefore filled with ‘newness’ since she is willing to explore and be adventurous.

7. Doing you. Being yourself. AB is queen of being herself. She will not change her personality to soothe someone ego. Deal with it or move on. And she really doesn’t care what you think about her.

8. Taking a break when required. AB is now a mother to one cute munchkin. AB is not one of those mothers who are about to keel over from postpartum depression. When she feels that things are somewhat overwhelming, she plans for a break and is able to take some time out to just breath. She therefore goes back to her daily duties after feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. And doesn’t feel one tad guilty about taking the break. I really admire this about her!

The way I see it, her husband Xo is one lucky man and so is their little munchkin!


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