I finally got my new curtains hung up! So part of this is done! ๐Ÿ™‚

I only got new curtains for the sitting room and re-arranged the rest of the curtains in The LOFT.

Thanks Tweetie for putting these curtains up. And for the sore arm that you will have for the rest of the week. Probably a clear sign that you need to enroll in a gym nearby. Or since you have always wanted to meet Jeff……

N/B. Tweetie wasn’t too happy that I took photos of her putting up the curtains. She wanted to go change into a bikini or shorts if the photos were being put up on the blog. Since this blog is rated PG 5…….

I am so proud of my curtains. Someone asked me, ‘Uh, what’s special about them?‘ Seeing as my last curtains didn’t reach the floor so I knew my knees were always exposed to the world, they were also made of a funny material and they were just bleh, this is a major upgrade. And I am happy.

Tweetie (not in a bikini or shorts) putting up the curtains.

Tweetie (not in a bikini or shorts) putting up the curtains. And she is standing on a stool……

Finished product

Finished product

Drawn curtains

Another view of the curtains

The curtains in relation to the rest of the room

The curtains in relation to the rest of the room. Notice my black sheers that allow me to see the world CLEARLY but completely block the outside from seeing me.

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  1. Floor length my foot! Njenva,,, we both know y u realllllllly love the curtains ti hi hi hi ti! Constant reminder btw…lol! The Loft looks lovely dear. Good to mentally place the place.

    Now, where’s the parking in relation to these windows, n where does the Subaru Guy park?

    • Aki don’t remind me about the reminder that these curtains will be. So far, I have successfully managed to block out that aspect. And I am very happy with the curtains. ๐Ÿ™‚

      The parking is straight opposite the window on the left. And that is where the Subaru Guy parks. So it is effortless to keep up with his shenanigans…..

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