Happy Birthday Nyaguthii!!!!


About 3 years ago, my primary school classmates had a reunion that was meant to last for two hours but ended up lasting till early morning the next day! It was so much fun and some of us decided to keep in touch.

Seeing as we discussed our careers, one classmate forwarded to me a CV of  her friend who was looking to relocate back to Kenya. I sent the CV round and by God’s grace, her friend got a job and  moved back to Nairobi. When I first met Nyaguthii, it was a shock to my system. She’s got a whole load of energy that she keeps dispensing in dozes to everyone around her. She will rarely stop talking and will speak her mind, even when you wish she didn’t. 🙂 And she brought me gifts for our first meeting. That gave her serious points!!!

God and his humour, I now work with Nyaguthii. And I had to interview her for the role! I declared to the rest of the interview panelists that I knew her and would therefore be taking a back seat on the evaluation. That is one of the worst interviews I have ever had the misfortune to sit in. I guess because I had declared that I knew her and because of her ‘then’ title, she was put through a grinder, mincer and shredder, all the while, never following the interview script that we had followed with the other candidates. I was so embarrassed….  But she sailed through with her resilience and fast thinking. Thank God, after discussions, we agreed to have the interview again but I wouldn’t be present and neither would the person who put her through the shredder. And she got the job. And the person who shredded her is now her very good friend!

Anyway, since she started working with me, I have come to really enjoy our times  together. She is an amazing woman who is always challenging me to be better – physically, mentally, financially and emotionally. I don’t know anyone else who can wake up early for an hour of squash before work and then go for a Yoga class after work and still be able to walk straight. I also don’t know anyone else who has invested their money as wisely as she has. I like that we get to discuss life and bounce ideas off each other before making decisions. In all honesty, I have never shared my payslip with anyone else other than Nyaguthii!

My wishes for Nyaguthii this year:

1. May you see God. Face to face. May you know that you have seen Him. And may your life never be the same after that!

2. May you have loads and loads of opportunities to laugh your heart out. Often. Frequently.

3. May a man from God find his way into your heart. Seeing as you won’t have trouble getting into his……

4. May all your plans be aligned to God’s will. Then you will not get disappointed

5. May you travel to new countries to see new things and experience new cultures. And I’d like to tag along….


Happy bir.........OOOPSS

Happy bir………OOOPSS

Happy Birthday Nyaguthii!

Happy Birthday Nyaguthii!

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