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The Friendship ‘Why’


I wrote this in 2009 but I have added a few lines here and there………


Fun with friends....

Playing ‘kati’ with friends….

Why am I your friend? 

Maybe it is because you were a great companion to walk to the market as we discussed our future and how we could not wait to have PMS!

You shared your best clothes with me so that I could also look nice when we were going for an outing. And I hit you with an ice cube and you didn’t hate me after that!

Because you gallop like a horse, dance like a millipede and make faces with your tongue only!

You listened to me whine about the world, its ups, downs and my hopes and dreams….and push me towards being a better person.

Who called me every single day when I injured my knee while playing. Then we talked even more via letters, and even got to trouble for the forest joke!

My courage to tell people about Jesus was inspired by you. As a teenager, you were not scared of letting people know your stand and where they’ll be going if they don’t change their ways! And I got to know my KEISIP(hihihi) results with you holding my hand!!!!!

Who welcomed me to a strange land and let me understand the culture, language and food…..nguruvati!

You are not afraid to tell me that I am wrong, you speak your mind and let me deal with myself. And you don’t care that I am still mad with you, you still talk to me.

My birthday is never forgotten. Ok, you forgot once, and its coz you wished me happy birthday a month earlier!

We can be plastic ladies and not care about what the rest of the world thinks.

We understand each other….most of the time, we don’t have to say much to know what the other person is feeling / thinking….and I already know who your wife is before she does!

Those back seat sessions……God sent. Hata kama ulikuwa gate crasher!!!

Because I can be listening to music while I am working and you are seated next to me watching a movie and we can just be silent and be ok with it.

Because you love God with all your heart and there is nothing the devil has on you.

Because your partners are bolts….you are a nut!

“Ninafurahi kwa vile nilikutoa ushamba…….”


You let me say anything, ask anything, disturb you and allowed me to pray with you when you required support.

Because I know every Saturday morning, you are available for us to take a walk and see Nairobi.

You come to my desk every morning to say good morning and good bye. And you give me a glimpse to a world I never knew existed. Oh, to be 21! And most important, you love potatoes!!

Online Rebuking 101

You encourage me to become a better person, pursue my dreams and actualize what I plan

We can just get into a car and go for random road trips for no reason at all. And I don’t have to pretend with you – I can sleep for as long as I want without you thinking that I am depressed or something!

You have the best lines ever! Who tells a dude, ‘Darling, allow me to excite your tastebuds’ when inviting them for dinner?

You are such a kind soul. You always have great things to say to people and I have never heard you say anything nasty about anyone.  And you cook awesome kienyeji chicken!

Because we can be stupid at a bus-beach-back trip and still respect each other after that

You love reading books!

Because you sent a friend request on Facebok……..