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TDS Assignment – Miss P


So there I was, reading a novel in the LOFT, lying on the couch and bundled into a warm blanket. While listening to old school music. And eating a mixture of weetabix chocolate, cornflakes and chocolate soy milk. In other words, having an evening from heaven. Then I heard his footsteps. Not him. But the dude I found seated on the stairs to Miss.P‘s house two weeks ago. Her boyfriend. Who had been thrown out of her house for some reason. And I knew that my evening had taken a new and very interesting turn.

Without even thinking about it, I switched off my sitting room lights and went to my front door and promptly put my ear to the ground. Literally. How?

On the floor. Eavesdropping?

On the floor. Eavesdropping?

He knocked her door about three times before she opened it.

What do you want?

Miss. P, I miss you?

What do you want?

Why aren’t you picking up my calls?

What do you want?

Are you okay? Are you eating?

I am not eating but that is no longer any of your business

Please let me get you some chicken from Nandos. You must be hungry?

Why do you care? Leave me alone

Miss. P, I love you

Love who? Why would you run away from someone you love?

Huh? When did I run away from you?

When you said you had work to do and you left but when I came to your house you weren’t there. And you came back at 3am. And you were drunk. You said you’d never drink again!

Baby, you must have seen the wrong thing….

(The above conversation was repeated about 10 times until about 20 minutes later)

Okay, I admit it. I went out. I needed to go out and just let loose

And you couldn’t tell me?

But I love you

And you lie to me because you love me?

Can I bring you some chicken?

What do you want?

Let me just hug you?

Don’t touch me. Please just go

Okay, please give me your new number then I can give you a call tomorrow?

No. Don’t call me. Don’t text me. And stop talking to my friends

But I love you

Love who? Why would you run away from someone you love?

That was when I realised that I the conversation was about to go on repeat again. And that was when I also noticed that I was wearing a vest and tights and I was on the very cold floor. I felt my chest complaining about the cold I was subjecting it to. And I realised that I had been on the floor for nearly an hour. All this was just approximation because I couldn’t leave my position on the floor to check the time. If I moved, they would hear my movements. So I had to stay put. On the cold floor.

In the end, the dude was sent away and when he asked when he could come back, he was told to check back in 6 months. He must have known that she wasn’t going to listen to him because his taxi guy had waited for him outside the gate. What was sad was that Miss. P was crying so hard, I wanted to go out and tell her that it would all end up okay. Dilemmas faced by TDS, how do you comfort someone who has no idea that you know what is happening in their lives?

And yes, I caught a cold.