Daily Archives: May 28, 2013

Face vs. Frame


So there I was at the local salon. Again. I keep on saying that I will never go back there. But no…. I came back from a weekend trip and it was the only place I knew where they would agree to start undoing my braids at 6.45pm.

This time, the discussion was around whether dudes are attracted to and marry the frame or the face of a woman. A discussion held by 3 married women with Njenva eavesdropping very diligently. First of all, it was sad that it was women having this conversation…….

Did you see that girl who got married yesterday? She’s got an amazing frame. Even her mum was saying that she was glad the wedding was taking place because there were too many men who were after that frame.

Yeah, I heard that story too. But you wonder what is wrong with dudes. How do they go flocking around that frame when it is accompanied by such a face.


Aaaaahhh….. her face isn’t too bad. Compare that face to the M-Pesa lady. She is so unlucky. She has neither face nor frame.

Really? I thought her frame was okay.

She went on to describe the frame and why it wasn’t okay, I will not get into that…..

At first, I was laughing (on the inside of course, no way I was letting on that I was eavesdropping on their conversation). But later on, I wondered, what will they say about my face and frame when I get out of the salon? That thought was sobering and I put on my earphones and listened to music. And anyway, I am the beholder of my frame and face. And I declare that they are beautiful!