Monthly Archives: June 2013



1. JINK trip finally happens. From today. Woohoo

2. I got an unexpected insurance check. How excited am I?

3. Surprisingly, my organisation has had to pay for my holiday ticket due to a great number of serendipity occurances!

4. Last week, I realised why I get sick even while on medication. An amazing revelation! Now I know what to do not to get sick.

5. I got 3 new dresses this week. 2 from Mrs. Adrian and 1 from IO’s mother. How cool is that.

6. I hang out with Skinny, Hipilicious and Mrs. Adrian last night. That was so much fun. Hipilicious took us through a list of 101 Fabulous Things To Do It was interesting to see what we have done so far and what we haven’t. Hipilicious let out a secret that I had kept away from Mrs. Adrian like FOREVER about me dating one of her best friends brothers. And Skinny thought that was hilarious until one of her secrets was NEARLY unleashed.

Wishing you a warm week. I don’t know when I will blog next! 🙂