Daily Archives: July 10, 2013

20 Lessons Learnt from the JINK trip


1. Some friends are for life.
2. When you have closely timed connecting flights, even if you love sitting at the last row in the plane, just select a seat at the front. If you sit at the back, you will have to run for hours to make sure you don’t miss your connection because you are the last one to embark from the plane.
3. Shoppers in Europe got it right. The best way to shop is with a suitcase with wheels. Not carrying paperbags around weighing you down….
4. Never let your shopping be limited by the airline luggage allowance. Save specifically and keep aside money for excess luggage just in case there are some things that you just don’t want to leave.
5. When you have friends staying over at your house, welcome them with special gifts such as chocolate, shower gels, handwritten notes, etc. They will treasure that welcoming gesture a lot!
6. I now have two choices if I was to get selected for Amazing Race. I only had Hipilicious before but one other person sorta made the grade.
7. Sometimes, someone doesn’t have to say very much for you to know everything.
8. Children are a blessing from God. They change marriages and lives and they are a joy to their parents. And they poop a lot.
9. Not getting what you want is not necessarily a bad thing.
10. The friends to treasure most are those that know your weaknesses and do their best to cover that with their strengths.
11. When you soak a teabag in hot water, you get to find out the true taste of the tea. Same to people. When things are hot, that is when you know people’s true character.
12. I hate shopping. I knew this, it was just a confirmation.
13. A day can be cold, windy and foggy. But if you are with the right company, it can be one of your best days ever.
14. A man who fears, loves and respects God is worth more than one with millions in his bank account.
15. A woman who respects and submits to her husband has learnt the secret to a long and happy marriage.
16. There are different degrees of crazy. Is carrying a bucket of KFC chicken and pizza from one country to another crazy?
17. Even Mrs. Adrian can Skype! Although she calls it, ‘Seekaipuuuu’
18. I work with some of the best people ever. God is amazing, He always leads me to work with great people.
19. I really love JINK. They are the best.
20. I plan too much. I should learn to relax and just go with the flow. Hahahaha, NEVER!!!!!