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Weekend That Was 13/07


This was going to be a fun weekend. All the signs were there. For the first time in a LOOOOONG time, JINK were going to be in the same country at the same time. Too cool!


KQ are not even serious. Even after their issues with leaving passengers stranded in Greece not fully sorted out they mess up again. Skinny was coming in from Zimbabwe and her flight was delayed for over 4 hours. As usual, passengers were provided with very minimal communication and when the reason for the delay was explained, it was so long that she fell asleep….. Or something like that! ­čÖé KYS was coming in from Canada and the baggage handlers messed up her bags something awful. And the compensation they offered her? 10 dollars. Seriously. And the white person whose suitcase was also messed up? 50 dollars. I don’t know where they imagine that one can get a replacement suitcase with such a huge amount of money.

So I got home on Friday and called up my pal Karate who was supposed to walk with me. She had a backache so I decided to work out from the house instead of going to walk. So I changed into my workout clothes, chanted some encouraging slogans to myself, and put this on. After the initial warm up, it was straight to the floor for some pushup thingies. And my head blew.

Not a joke. A migraine the size that hasn’t been felt in my head for a couple of weeks just came in blew my head. Sigh. After resting for a couple of minutes, I switched everything off and got into bed at 6pm. And slept till the next morning at 6am…..aaaaahhhhmmm. Wait. I woke up at midnight because I no longer had a migraine…… I then deep fried some potatoes, made an omelet and read a novel till about 2.30am……


We went to Karura Forest with Nas and a couple of friends.

Trees in Karura Forest. Too beautiful

Trees in Karura Forest. Too beautiful

A part of the waterfall in the forest

A part of the waterfall in the forest

We were there by 7am and were so excited about the run/jog/walk/crawl. Some people were so enthusiastic and so not to de-syke them, all of us jogged at some point. I got so tired and my right side calf strained something. I don’t know what. I was thinking that maybe my right side is heavier than my left side but when I looked at anatomy charts, I realised that my stomach is on my left side so that cannot be why my right side calf was in so much pain. Anyway, 10kms later and I was ready for a hearty breakfast. I hang out with Nas at Valley Arcarde Java and I realised that many successful Kenyan entrepreneurs meet there for breakfast on Saturday mornings. Other than us guys, I will not mention the other successful entrepreneurs ….. ­čÖé

After that, I had a Mwafpeeps moment. This is meeting people I have interacted with online but have not yet met face to face. It was hosted by Ciiku who was meeting the people that regularly comment on her blog. That was so much fun. 5 married girls, 1 engaged girl and Njenva. I got to learn the importance of being around positive minded people. Things might be thick but your attitude determines the solution to your issues. It was great to meet people who have been reading my blog but had not yet met me. Thank you ladies for the feedback!


JINK Photo shoot day! I was so excited. Woi. Too too excited. After our usual back and forth of agreeing and not agreeing to what we should wear to the photo shoot, I picked up KYS, went to Nas’s place and we waited for IO to rock up. Once she did, we went to the Nairobi Railways Museum for our photoshoot, which was done by Gibel and his very able assistant. They were an amazing tag team. Nas, who hadn’t met them before asked, ‘Are those two married to each other? They work so well together!‘ ­čÖé Yes, they are married. To each other. I really enjoyed the session, it wasn’t stressful and they had great ideas on how we should pose and the actual locations for various photos. I can’t wait to see the final product. What I loved the most with Gibel Photography is that:

1. They prepared very well for the shoot. They visited the location before the day to scout for great areas to photograph.

2. They did their own research on JINK and our preferences.

3. They came with various props for us to use during the session.

After the photo shoot, we hang out at the Junction for a while before going home to lounge. I then hang out with Skinny and I got to hear tales of how mbutsi in Shona has the same meaning as mbuzi in Swahili and how some Giriama words also exist in Shona…..

The most exciting thing that happened this past weekend was going to sleep on Sunday at 11pm. With my new electric blanket switched on. BLISS!!!!