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Teen Witch – I Like Boys


When we were between 3 and 10 years old, Hipilicious and I loved visiting Mr. Adrian’s big brother. Especially since he had this huge tv (we didn’t have even a tiny one!) and a VIDEO CASSETTE PLAYER. He was a baller, gosh, we could watch MOVIES! Yeah, we loved it.

I have just remembered one of our favourite movies during that time. After we watched it a million times, I guess it was natural that we were banned from visiting that house. Mrs. Adrian was (and still is) a STAUNCH Christian. There was no way she was going to allow her kids to sing and dance to such music.

But it is not a song. It is a movie.

What is the name of the movie?

Teen Witch

What does Teen Witch mean?

It’s a story about this teenage girl who becomes a witch…..


Our favourite Teen Witch song!

Teen Witch