Guess Who Is Back!?


Hey Hey Hey.

I have missed blogging. What. So much has just been flying past and I kept on thinking, I should blog about that. Clever me didn’t make notes on what to blog so right now I am kinda blank! I even wrote a ‘Welcome Back Njenva’ post then I used my awesome memory NOT to save it. Wow… Just Wow…

While I was away not blogging, the most embarrassing thing happened to Kenyans. Our international airport burnt down. To the ground. I can’t even discuss that without wanting to throw up.

Professionally, it has been the most challenging 3 weeks of my life. I have learnt 7 Habits of Effective People, The Art of War, The Master Negotiator, Swim With The Sharks Without Getting Eaten, Questions of Character, Only The Paranoid Survive, The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team, etc all in 3 WEEKS! I now confirm that I have an amazing boss. The amount of grime she has to filter every day to shield us from nonsense is out of this world. In the same breathe, I can’t wait to hand over her work back to her! By the way, I already told her last week, “You are amazing. I hadn’t realised how hard you have to work and how tricky things are!

Physically, I have been challenged beyond what I thought I could bear. Nas and I decided to start C25K. This is essentially a program that is designed to have anyone who is a couch potato be able to run at least 5 kms in 9 weeks. I thought that since I can walk for over 10kms and not get too tired it would be very easy for me. NOT. What!!! I am still sweating from last night’s run. We are currently on week 5 – but we decided to repeat week 4.  It is not easy. But it is do-able. There was a day I got hallucinations while driving home – there were 3D holograms of traffic poles in the middle of the road and I kept on braking to avoid them, just for them to disappear.

Love live-ically :-), I decided to take matters into my hands and avoid SUCH scenarios. I joined an online dating website. Again. I have received the following message from a Kenyan dude : hi praise God am ben frm kenya am single man searchin ma rib tht God has kept fo born again man who practice the wad of God each dai tym i lov kids i wl be hapi f God cn giv to me n raise a family feel free to share n u cn get me on FB wd ma nems BBBBB AAAAA b blessd What is that!? I know Hipilicious will want to kill me after reading about online dating websites…. By the way, what do YOU think about these sites? Tell me the truth? 🙂

Have a blessed week ahead.

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  1. On the online dating thing…one of my closest friend is currently on honeymoon, guess where she met her hubby? Yup…online 🙂 But I’m pretty sure he used proper English when selling himself, not whatever language your dude is using 🙂
    Glad you’re back!!!!!

    • Please try it! You can download the app and it will guide you on when to walk and when to jog, etc. In 9 weeks you run 5kms! I can now run 5 mins non stop and before I couldn’t even do 40 seconds without frothing in the mouth and feeling faint! I am not kidding btw, Just 30 minutes, 3 times a week.

  2. Well done on starting the C25K. A while back, I started a similar one from It was tough at first, but I got amazed that the body actually adjusts. Keep going!

    About online dating sites, I see nothing wrong with them. They are just a place to meet people, just as you would offline. Yes, I used to belong to a few… 🙂

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