Day 1 of 50 Days of Healthy Eating


Today is Day 1 of 50. I am going on a challenge. 50 days of healthy eating. 50 straight days. It is now just 10 hours since Day 1 started and I am already wondering what I am doing. I was supposed to go on a 21 day detox this month but I decided since I am now on week 6 of C25K and there have been no tangible results, it must be more than detox that I need. I need to change how I eat.

So from 2nd September to 21st October, the following will be my eating rules:

1. No eating chapati (ouch, that was painful to type), rice, cake, pizza, naan, fries, any deep fried foods, sugar.

2. If I eat cereal, I will forfeit one other meal of the day

3. No eating after 8pm

4. No eating before 9am

5. Drink at least 3 litres of water everyday

If you see me breaking any of these rules, I owe you 1k!

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  1. Oh Njenva, I feel your pain…and your enthusiasm for this project. And yes, pain and enthusiasm can sometimes go together!! May the Lord bless your efforts on this journey. I know it is not easy.

    • Thanks Lisa! I agree pain and enthusiasm can go together. I hope I will be able to emerge from the other side of 50 days with my enthusiasm intact and my pain gone! 🙂

  2. Good luck…that’s a hard one. Although I’m sure the hard part will be the first few days then from there it will become a lifestyle? Then after the 50 days you’ll be allergic to any unhealthy food 🙂

    • So far so good. I am craving ugali. Of all things. I don’t even eat ugali! Jana I demolished like 10 sweet bananas at once! What is not happening is the story of not eating after 8pm….. Lakini sijashikwa na mtu! 🙂

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