How to Bargain with a Kenyan Thief


Anyone who knows a Benson Kariuki of 0723587757?

What If Kenya

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  1. Hmmmmm…don’t mean to sound insensitive but really, she should double check before hitting send. Safcom shows you the message, number and amount for a reason. To make sure it is correct before you send. Double check.

    • I feel you KSW. But then…..we sometimes make mistakes. Not often, but sometimes we do make errors in judgement…… And it is not about her mistake, it is about the person who is refusing to refund what is not theirs…. I feel you about double checking, it has saved me some agony…..

      • Since the mistake is yours (the sender) I don’t think its right to tarnish the dude’s name especially since we don’t even know his side of the story. Plus according to the comments the blogger has made he returned the cash less 277 shillings. I think its fair for him to claim transaction fees and psychological trauma from her post and incessant threats 🙂 Thats on a lighter note. But my opinion is its a problem she brought on herself, she should deal with it herself and not involve people who were not involved.

    • Kas, that could be true! The opposite could also be true. Hence my question, “Anyone who knows a Benson Kariuki of 0723587757?” I would like to hear his side of the story! 🙂

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