Happy Birthday Lisa Smartt!!


I was travelling to the sticks with Mrs. Adrian just before Christmas last year. We are the ones who work at cool places because both our offices had closed early for the Christmas break. Hipilicious and Skinny had to go to work so I had the pleasure of hanging out with Mrs. Adrian by myself for two days. Well, as I mentioned earlier, Mrs. Adrian loves reading so all I needed to do was make sure there was breakfast, lunch and dinner. She was busy reading her books, surveying her garden and admiring her animals 🙂 And generally ignoring me. So I needed to keep myself busy and I got to reading my own books.

In the meantime, the following Facebook conversation happened:


  • December 22, 2012
  • 2:09pm


Hi, I just started reading this book n for some reason it makes me think of you. Wish I could be able to give it to you as present but since I can’t , see if you can find it. It’s called Doug and Carlie. Please find it and read it… if you can…

  • December 22, 2012
  • 8:44pm


Hi gal!! How are you doing? I’ve taken myself to Kindle and I’ve bought it, I have a list of about 30 books to read before the new year, I hope to read it soon. Let me know when you are free kesho so that I can call. Hugs.

  • December 23, 2012
  • 1:36am


Ohhhh!!!!! But i also had something nagging at me… then I thought to myself, next time i will read the whole book before i recommend it. Because when i thought about it again, it dint sound like a good idea.

She says she is wayyy overweight, would love to get married and when I got to she is really tall, I thought, my goodness! What will Njenva think of me?

Just so u know, I recommended it because it’s funny. Really funny. And nothing else.  Sawa? And she loves to write like you. Woiye i hope u like the book…

I have 4 books on my bed stand that i haven’t gotten to and 6 on my kindle that i am reading in bits and pieces.

  • December 23, 2012
  • 10:13am


You sound worried, should I be? Just kidding! Will tell you how I find it once I am done. Hugs.

  • December 23, 2012
  • 6:28pm


Waruguru, I love the book. I really really do. I’m at 16% and was very worried that it was about to end. Thanks a lot for the recommendation, please recommend more.

  • December 23, 2012
  • 11:41pm


Thank God! I have never recommended before so it was more of the fear of what if you don’t care for it, and you already bought it. Well then, enjoy!



If my tablet hadn’t died off – I’m in the sticks without electricity – I would have finished reading it. I’m past 90%. I would like us to discuss it once we are both done……what do you think? Again, thanks!!! I can’t wait for kesho morning to dash to the nearest market to charge my tablet!!!! Have a fabulous day.



90% already? Dang girl…. 90% Kumbe i know your taste. I am glad you are enjoying it. It sounds like you wrote the book. You are that funny.

I like that thing she says about a big behind? I can see u saying such a thing, right?



Thanks for the compliment. If I could really write like that!!!! Si I have laughed out loud many times. And there is a reference to the author of my most favorite movie and book – Stardust – I think this is now one of my favourite books. It is a different and realistic book…… She’s funny, wa. How many times will I say thanks?



I am just sighing with relief girl. I’d have hated to recommend something you dint like. Then I would have been so guilty. And yeah, you can write like that. I started reading the book and thought of you. You came to mind just like that!



Asante. Must read it again just for laughs!

And just like that, I had a new book to include to my favourite books and an author I absolutely adored. Lisa Smartt’s writing is so amazing. She makes you laugh and cry and laugh and cry….and her wit is just rib cracking. You can tell that she gives her all in her books because character development, descriptions, humour, surprises, etc are done so well, you wouldn’t quite be able to anticipate what will happen in the next page. I was so excited by the book that I started stalking Lisa 🙂 TDS tendancies don’t die just like that…….and so she is my friend on Facebook, the friend from Tennessee that I have never met. I have read two of her books and I absolutely love them. I must admit, Waruguru comparing me to Lisa was like an ant being told it can make as much noise as a lion.

This week, I re-read Doug and Carlie and I was laughing so hard. I also got to highlight a number of quotes from the book. Some of my favourites:

* I think they succeeded because no one ever told them they were brillant

* I usually pretend that I’m too smart to worry about love

* You gotta love a man who loves a woman enough to carry her purse (Side note: Those dudes at Uhuru Park who carry their women’s purses must be on to something…… )

* I knew he wouldn’t leave me regardless of my mother’s ridiculousness

* I lost seven pounds and then gained five. I think I was celebrating the lost weight by eating half a gallon of ice cream in forty-eight hours. This will only make sense to some people.

Lisa is just the one. Happy birthday Lisa. May you live to write 50 more books. 🙂 God bless you loads.

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