Daily Archives: September 17, 2013

Day 16 of 50 Days of Healthy Eating


So far, I have broken all the rules.

The one I seem to be breaking nearly every day is the one about not eating after 8pm. I am never home by 8pm and I have to eat before I sleep. The day I slept without eating just to adhere to my “self-inflicted rules”, I thought the acid in my stomach was going to bore a hole right through me, through the mattress, through the bed, through the floor, you catch my drift. I just have to figure out how to eat before 8pm.

I have had cereal only once and I had it with loads of fruit so I don’t know whether that was skipping a meal or adding a meal.

I think I am okay with water because I am counting all the water I drink at night. (Aside: Last Friday, Hipilicious woke up in the middle of the night and asked Jumwa for 2 glasses of water. Jumwa asked her, “What sort of dreams are dehydrating you so much!?“)

Shish, Tweetie, Soila and I went on a road trip to T-Tot in Machakos on Friday. My main agenda was their samosas. Until Shish started saying, ‘Weka ngiri moja moja kwa meza!” So I didn’t eat samosas. I bought some take away. And ate them in my house. Where no one could see me. I can’t believe that I broke that rule for something other than CHAPATI. You should have seen Tweetie’s chapati from T-Tot. Those things are HUGE. I must have looked at that Chapati so longingly, sorry Tweetie if you couldn’t eat in peace….oooohhh pieces of chapati. How in the world could we go all the way to T-Tot and not eat their samosas? That would be a sin! ­čśŤ Moving on. I might eat a mandazi today. I am hosting Bible Study at my house and will be making mandazis. How can I make sure that they taste right without me having a bite!?

All the same, I am happy. 3kgs down in 16 days. Just by TRYING to follow those rules. Losing weight is easy. It is also the hardest thing I have ever had to do!