Daily Archives: September 19, 2013



Do you remember the ‘Start….Stop!’ game? It is my default game when in the sticks! Anyway, the last time I was at the sticks, I went with Mwafpeeps and we played this game while taking a walk. Normally, one writes down their responses but in our version, you had 3 seconds to think and give your answer. Blenyo, one very interesting geek 🙂 got me dying with laughter. When we had to go round and mention makes of cars starting with letter ‘k’ he said Kerorry. Then he realised that wasn’t a make of a car, so he said, KaVitz.

Anyway, we played this game a few months ago during a sleepover at the LOFT and I found some of the papers with responses from random people…. I think that some of the responses can clearly show that we were playing this game after 1am……… Enjoy! Which one do you think was mine?

Start Stop