First Joys


I apologize for being away for nearly three weeks without notice or explanation. I didn’t want to blog when my heart was heavy. The Westgate incident actually traumatised me (I am sure plus many other Kenyans) and I decided not to blog when I was in that space. I had so many drafts on my analysis of the Westgate attack and stuff – but I have deleted them. All I will say is that I thank God that I am alive, that my family and friends are alright (to imagine that Hipilicious and I were at Westgate till nearly midnight, a few hours before the attack) and that time heals most wounds. May God heal our country of corruption and other vices.


I am seated in my hotel room in Kampala wondering whether I will ever get over some ‘firsts’ in my life. This is the first time I have been to Kampala for more than a few hours (actually been here for 4 days) and I feel like I have lived here forever. The whole of last week had me spend time in Dar but it was the same old, same old Dar es Salaam – heat, ocean, sea food, heat, traffic jam, heat and more heat.

Back to some firsts.

The first time we got a telephone handset. In the house. What. Ballers!!! Hipilicious and I couldn’t stop staring at it. I think we pitched camp at the bottom of the stairs. The phone was upstairs and we used to fight at the stairs to be the first one up the stairs so that you can say, ‘Hello‘ After a few months, the novelty wore off and when the phone rung we would say, ‘I went to pick up the phone last time, now it is your turn‘. Of course this changed once we became teenagers because we had boys calling and woe on you if the other party picked up your call…..

Hipilicious’s first car. Waaaa. Shock to our system. The day she brought it home, we got in and stayed in it for a few hours. All of us. We had a visitor come over and they rang the bell for so long with us just staring at him. No one wanted to get out of the car. We couldn’t sleep at night. Hipilicious had breaks every so often to peep outside the window to check that her car was still there. We would leave for work at 5.30am so that we were the only ones on the road and we would leave the office at 4pm so that there wasn’t so much jam on the way back home. On the first day she drove us to work, she was late by a few minutes. She told me that the engine of the car had knocked! On the first day! The security guard at her office came to her rescue and showed her how to unlock a steering wheel…….

My first job. I had tarmacked for an entire year. Yes, this actually happens. Then I watched Benny Hinn who said touch the screen and I will pray for you to get a job. I jumped on that screen and prayed. And got a job as a merchandiser. Who is a merchandiser? The guys in supermarkets who smile and promote stuff, smile some more and then ask you to buy stuff? Yeah. Only that I was in nyama choma joints. Promoting Aromat. In a yellow cap, apron and t-shirt. But oh my goodness! I was so excited with my new job. Especially since I was just bumming at home, doing nothing, just sleeping. About a month or two before my first job, I met a former school mate (from primary school) during a ‘shopping break’ – a shopping break was when I went to the shops to purchase dinner and breakfast items everyday. It was a break from watching the telly and sleeping. So he asked me what I was up to and I said while absent mindedl…. ‘Oh, nothing much. Just sleeping around‘… The look on his face, priceless. My own face after I realized what I had said, priceless. The laughter from Mrs. Adrian when I told them that story, well, not priceless……

I now understand why Mrs. Adrian didn’t want me to wear a certain red dress. (I wish I was at my house, I would have attached a photo of the dress). I loved it. Mrs. Adrian loved sewing clothes so I had seen my clothes develop from material and into a dress. She actually converted her wedding dress into dresses for Hipilicious and I. So this pink dress was my favourite especially because I had no idea that I was going to get a new dress. I kept on telling everyone who cared to listen (and those who didn’t) where my mother got it from. None of my friends had clothes from that place. So I made sure that everyone knew. ‘My mother got this dress from second hand!

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  1. Sleeping around??? Hahahaha. . . Arent you just the best???

    On second hand dress, I had such a moment too. I told my teacher my mum had bought me a very hot mtumba dress. You can imagine my mother’s embarassment when she came to pick me up and the teacher told her she knows I have a new hot mtumba dress. . . .

  2. Back on your blog, glad you’ve started posting again. Why does this post make me feel like crying? Nostalgia 🙂 I’m such a cry baby. But I’m laughing as well. Its funny.

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