Daily Archives: October 15, 2013

TDS Updates…..


Even before I provide you with TDS updates…. My amazing boss is here! Woohoo. Excitement galore.

TDS….. Business has been very slow. There have been very few snooping investigative requests. What is happening? Who has become my competition? Who is taking over my previous business?! Hmmm!

So, Miss. P and I have sort of become pals. We are talking to each other when we meet, not only grunting hellos and looking the other side. I guess this may be because I gave her a lift home from the shopping centre? I saw her walking and called out to ask her whether she wanted a ride home and she accepted my gracious offer. She then gave me 411 on our new neighbours….. (She may be a potential TDS recruit)

Remember these guys? They have now moved houses and have replaced this guy. Imagine!!! I haven’t met them yet, with all the travelling I have been doing in the past few weeks. But yeah, I am dreading that moment.

So apparently, C run off in the middle of the night and left Osumi high and dry without rent paid for the last two months. Osumi was telling me, “Huyo, nikemesika….” (That one, when I catch him…….)

I got a panic attack when I didn’t see my husband‘s car for over 2 weeks. Where was he and where had he gone to! I nearly went to the watchman at his gate to ask for his whereabouts. But God had mercy on me and had him come back the same night I had those ideas. I nearly cried with relief. Wa, I am NOT  a nut case.