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Lessons Learnt from Family Trip


Hipilicious and Skinny have been pestering me to move on from writing about our trip. So for my “fan-base” of two, this is the final post about the last trip we were on…..

There are some lessons I’d like to share:

1. Relax 

It is important to take some time to relax when you go on holiday. Many times we are up, down, sideways and up again and don’t give ourselves time to just relax. This time, we took the first three days to just relax. Nothing planned, just lounging and hanging out. That was a brilliant idea! It made sure that even by the time we were getting back home, we were refreshed and ready to face our jobs again.

2. Agenda

Set an agenda for your trip and stick to it. This time I just wanted to shop and relax. No sightseeing or jumping hoops or something like that. Just to shop. And did I shop! Wow. But I should have set a clear shopping goal. By the time I really started evaluating what I had bought, I had 11 skirts and I really didn’t want any skirts! I just wanted dresses. Mrs. Adrian was so clear about her goal that there is a day she said she wasn’t going to stop for lunch. In her own words, ‘Stop for lunch? Me? No way, that is wasting time that I could have spent shopping’

3. Pray, pray and pray some more

Not looking to take chances this time, we took a month to pray and commit the trip into God’s hands. We prayed for peace and harmony (AKA fewer fights than normal) safe trips, good health, safe journeys and for us to be a blessing to the people we interacted with. And God allowed our prayers to come true. We saw His faithfulness during the entire trip. We saw Him. In some instances, we didn’t even deserve to have some things but He allowed us to be blessed. We cried the night before leaving Mafikeng because our family there just loved on us and we got overwhelmed.

4. The power of the tongue

8 years ago, my best friend and I were talking about our future husbands and kids and we both agreed that we would love each other’s respective families even before they arrived. She is now married and has two kids and I absolutely love her family. I was chatting with her hubby two days ago and I told him that he is the best thing that could have ever happened to my friend. He said he was the lucky one. I still hold hope and faith that my best friend will love my future husband and kids and our love for each other will move down future generations.

5. Accepting Love (Got this one from Hipilicious)

Many times people may want to bless you and love you but you may feel that you don’t deserve it. God shows His love to us through various people – unexpected people even! It could be an immigration officer, a closed airport attendant, a circus snake handler or even a random man on the street. Accept the love that they are reflecting from God to you and pass on this love to others as well. You are worthy of love and you are blessed enough to pass on this love to others.

6. Be Calm (Got this one from Skinny)

Getting into a panic because things aren’t working in the way that you expected them to will not solve a problem. Be calm, God will sort things out. Trust God, His plans always work out and as long as you committed your path into his arms, all things will work for your good. The airline forgot our luggage  in Joberg when we were on the way to Durban. Thank God they did! The car that we had wouldn’t have accommodated all our luggage. So the airline delivered the luggage to our hotel (2 hours away!) and we had a chance to re-pack our stuff for the return journey.

7. Positive Attitude  (Got this one from Mrs. Adrian)

When you have a positive attitude, your life will always be ‘glass half full’. People who don’t know you will sort you out, things that you hadn’t anticipated will work in your favour and All Will Be Well.