Daily Archives: December 3, 2013



So it has been a roller coaster, these past two weeks. I have so much to do before the end of this week. I am leaving my current job and moving on to the next one. Not too much fun knowing that I am leaving Amazing Boss behind. But very hopeful about the future and what it brings.

It is so hard finding a replacement for myself. Amazing Boss said she just wants another me. I have really looked high and low for a chunky goofball with an odd sense of humour but it really isn’t working. All the people I have met are too serious or too scared or this guy whose phone went off during the interview…..And when I politely asked him to go ahead and pick it up (Dude, that is a trick request!) and he actually did and went on to make lunch plans with his pal. He is just not serious. All the same, I have to get someone in the next two days otherwise I will be letting down Amazing Boss in a major way.

I wrote down quotes last week and I don’t know what made me forget the main quote I had wanted to share.

Hipilicious to Njenva: Njenva, I want to tell you something and please don’t take it badly. I like how you put on make up and stuff, you look really nice. But how comes, every morning, you are all made up and you have makamasi hanging from your nose?

Njenva: Seriously!? That is dead skin

Hipilicious: Dead skin? Does dead skin move in an out with every breath?

So much for having a supportive network around you.

Funny thing, Hipilicious sent me a link via e-mail yesterday, with Ciiku‘s blog and she said, “I love her!” …..Which makes me wonder, do people listen to me when I talk about anything!?

Thanks to Ciiku, I now can’t get too upset at anything. Anytime I check out the Hot Potato Song, I am happy.

My cousins are visiting this week and one of them will be living with me – I am so excited. The opportunity to shape the future! Hope their mum will recognize them when they go back home! 🙂