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Amazing Race Clues


Pastor Andrew and I have  organised a couple of “Amazing Race” events for my former church youth group and I think we have become quite the experts. As the last activity before leaving my last job, we planned an Amazing Race for all the staff members and waaaaa!!! It was as much fun planning as it was executing the race! More details on the race and how it went will be blogged about later.

Today’s post is to see whether you would be able to figure out these very easy clues to each  pit stop. Which places do these countries represent?



Where would you find gondolas in the city under the sun? You will find Freedom once you meet your boss at the gondolas base. Another hint? It is very green near the man made lake…..…..


Our beautiful Kenya is known worldwide for our country men who make us proud every time they hit the track. Mr. Jaffery likes running near Molo where there are greens. Gichuru also likes running in Molo but he prefers Lavington because there are more activities like volleyball, football, aerobics, etc. Go to where they meet and complete the challenge.


Which drink was banned in Ethiopia till Menelik II lifted the ban? The great Laibon Mbatian had a son who restored order to his community. What was his name, which is also ‘changes’? Combine the two answers to 197 to find your next urban clue.


Crowded. Many suppliers vying for your attention. Variety of goods in plenty. Toy. Dress. Carpet. Huge slum near the market.

Instructions, follow very keenly!

  1. Uncle Adam is a Winner.
  2. Park your car at the school at the end of the road.
  3. Look for the tiny people’s section .
  4. Find a trader called Toby.
  5. Help Toby dispose of two items for your next clue.


Near George, Denno defended the Kapenguria Six using Pritt Glue. A Bible here might give you more information about a good foundation – Msingi Bora in Swahili. Get into the Promised Land with books and purchase “The Little Book of Character” to get your next clue.


Did you know that music was discovered in Africa? In the only centre where you can go ‘gaga’ using another consonant, go inn to find the tune of the music that belongs to your team and follow the instructions that go with it. Last clue? You will need to go up!


The land of curry. To win the race, your curry must be exceptional! Or do you want to go to the Caribbean? Or smell Azalea flowers? All the same, pass by the Wood & Komo!!!! .  Find your kitchen, get your ingredients and koroga away!



Edited on 10/04/2014 to provide answers

1. Italy = Uhuru Park

2. Kenya = Jeffries Sports Club

3. Ethiopia = Urban Coffee on Lenana Road

4. America = Toi Market, Toby’s stall – she has the best clothes for kids!

5. Israel = Biblica on Dennis Pritt

6. South Africa = Tune Inn, Yaya Centre

7. India = Caribea on Wood/Komo avenue