Miss Ghana in Ethiopia!

Scenery from Entoto Hill

Scenery from Entoto Hill

God has been so faithful! One of the things He has allowed me to complete early on my ‘To – Do List” is number 8.

With Hipilicious, Nyaguthii and 3 random dudes, we visited Ethiopia this last long weekend. It was a random plan that just worked out, I have no idea how we were able to pull it off with such finesse.

We had so much fun, you have no idea…. I can only try to put it to words……

What I enjoyed most:

1. Any trip with Nyaguthii and Hipilicious is guaranteed to be fun. This one was no different.

2. I ate so much Ethiopian food, I think that my skin smells like injera and shiro. If I pass by an Ethiopian, they might just lick me.

3. We maximized our time there so well! There was no wasted time and we got to see so much in such a short period of time.

4. I had read horror stories about Ethiopian Airlines . I thank God that nothing major happened – other than them not announcing our flight and us nearly being left at the airport in Addis.

5. Their clothes are amazing. Thank goodness I had purposed not to spend more than x dollars. They have beautiful dresses, sadly I didn’t see much in terms of men’s clothing.

6. My most favourite spot in Addis was Yod Abysinia. It is one of the main reasons why I will be going back to Ethiopia next year. And if one has only one spare hour while in Addis, it would be best spent here. Jazzamba was a close second…. Ah! Addis, you have my heart!!

7. Cheap thrills – most places we visited had very affordable prices. You just have to learn how to bargain hard. Something sold at 1,200 Birrs (Kshs. 6,000) can be bargained down to 500 Birrs (Kshs. 2,500)!

8. Learning about the Ethiopian history and getting to know their culture – it explained a lot about the practices I see with Ethiopians in Kenya.

9. Walking in Addis. I always enjoy walking. On the first day there, we walked for about 4 hours non stop – just taking in the sights, exploring streets, getting lost, etc.

10. Learning some Amharic words. Thank you in Amharic is “Ahmesugenalew” which can be shortened to “mesugena”. Which we corrupted to Miss Ghana…..

Food shots, touristy places and more details will follow in future blog post! 🙂

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