Merry Christmas!!


Tis the season to be jolly!! Falalalalalalalala!

Merry Christmas to you all and may God bless you and yours!

Thanksgiving for Christmas

1. Mrs. Adrian suddenly got sick last week and was admitted in hospital for 4 nights. Surgery to remove her appendix – what is the spelling!-  was successful (though we don’t understand why she has 3 incisions on her stomach that look like an upside down smiley face) and she is now recovering at home. That she is home for Christmas is a major thanksgiving.

2. My cleaning lady might be getting a Christmas baby. And she reported to work on the 24th. I requested her to leave. I am not planning to take a crash course on delivering babies.

3. My new job is now picking up – work is coming in and I am now busy. I will never have another Amazing Boss. But I can learn to produce results with my new boss. I think her name will be Laughing Boss.

4. I got all my presents wrapped up before Christmas! That is an achievement by itself! Though my theme for this year’s presents has been “Going Green”….meaning I am mostly recycling gifts received from others. I just hope that they don’t end up with the original giver…….

Wrapped up gifts ready for dispatch!

Wrapped up gifts ready for dispatch!!


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