Daily Archives: January 7, 2014

Annoying Neighbours


So Miss. P and I have developed some sort of friendship. Did I mention that she brightened up our place? She bought loads of plants and flowers and made the concrete jungle that was our front yard a very pretty oasis. She also got some lawn furniture so we have a nice place to hang out during a good day. I haven’t used the facilities yet but it makes the place look so nice. So I promised to bake her a cake as a thank you gift. Which hasn’t yet happened.

On Christmas day, I decided to surprise her and left her a gift at her door. Surprise was dully ‘revenged’ because I also got a gift on New Year’s day. So it is true, if you give then you receive. Osumi also informed me that it wasn’t safe to be up and about late at night because Miss. P had been attacked by some robbers on her way back from the airport. She had been abroad for a few weeks and when she was just unloading her items from the cab, they got attacked by robbers. And they took everything that she had. I felt so sad for her because you can imagine what amount of new stuff was taken, all that money just gone. Thank God she wasn’t harmed and they didn’t even lay a finger on her even though they bundled her and the cab driver into the boot of the car.

Now, these guys have become really annoying neighbours. We have a schedule for using the clothes hanging lines. And if there is an issue with someone having their clothes on there for too long, then the cleaners make a plan and sort it out themselves. Good thing is that the same cleaner does my house and Miss. P’s. Now, these loud neighbours want to transport the drama they had while they still lived on the other side of the apartments. (Before, they lived in Block A, which is adjacent to Block B which is where we live) I used to hear them complaining about clothes hanging lines (remember, I could hear EVERYTHING) but never bothered with it.

Today morning, they sent Osumi to wake me up.

Njenva, amka. Kwani unadhani nani atafanya kazi yako.

Kwa nini unaniamsha mapema, kwani ni Christmas?

Jirani wamesema ukatoe nguo zako kwa line.

Waliniona nikiziweka hapo?

Wanasema zimekua hapo tangu Saturday.


Wanataka utoe nguo zako

There is no good reason as to why I should remove my clothes. The clothes are not blocking them from doing anything. There are 4 other hanging lines that they can use, I have just woken up, why are we having this discussion?

Osumi, asante kwa kuniamsha. Sitoi hizo nguo.

He was in shock.


Hapana. Sitoi. Kama kweli wako na shida, waambie wangoje msichana wa kazi waongee na yeye. Yeye ndio aliweka nguo hapo, sio mimi.

I closed my door because for once I had left him speechless.

I will now start playing this song on extremely loud volume at midnight. And become the real annoying neighbour.