Daily Archives: January 10, 2014

Probation and Performance Appraisals


I was having lunch with my new colleagues at work. And one dude announced that he was going to propose marriage to his girlfriend. There is a dude who went beserk. He couldn’t believe that there was a ‘weakling’ among the men in the office!

How dare you propose marriage to someone before you have given them probation and performance appraisals? I am actually getting married next year and the only reason is because she has passed through all these stages. You don’t even mention the word ‘wedding’!! You don’t! You invite her to your house too many times till she realises that it will just be easier on both of you if she moved in. Once she moves in, ¬†you give her a 5 years ¬†probation. During this time, you monitor her activities, her cooking, her cleanliness, her wifely duties and her general aura around your family. If she passes this probation period, then you can now take her through the performance appraisal. The performance appraisal is where you set a target and check on whether she is able to meet them or not. My performance target was 5 children. If she could give birth to 5 children without whining or expecting to be treated extra special, then we could start discussing a wedding. Since she passed the full appraisal this year, next year I can start talking to her about a wedding. What is wrong with you young people! Thinking that you can propose marriage to someone who you haven’t evaluated!


That was me being speechless.

Am I the only one who didn’t know about this system!?