Daily Archives: January 16, 2014

My Blankets and Wine Experience


Due to a mixture of guilt, friendship, boredom, Villagers Band and a new year, I found myself at the @50 Blankets and Wines.

I have many friends who have attended the event before and I have seen video clips of the performances. But I had never bothered with going neither had I even thought of going. But due to the mixture above, I found myself there.

I have tried blogging about this for 2 weeks now and had no other method of expressing the experience. But I will try.

My reaction when I saw the stage set up

My reaction when I saw how the girls were dressed up

:chocking: :cough:

My reaction when I saw how the dudes were dressed up


My reaction to the things that I saw

This happens!? It is NORMAL!?

Other peoples reactions to some clothes that people were wearing, hmmm, or not wearing


My reaction to the girl who was so high from a mixture of drinks, drugs and other things starting with d that can only be summarised as durudurudurudurudurudurudurururuuuuuuuuuuuu (sang to the Pink Panther soundtrack)


My reaction to the people who were making out like there were about to die


My reaction to the HUGE crowd that was there

All these people!?

So will I go back to another blankets and wine event?

With all that said or “giffed”, it was a very fun event for those who like such stuff.