America 102


1. Some states are obsessed with recycling, organic foods, free range chicken and locally produced stuff. Obsessed, tissue paper included.

2. Organic foods are sometimes even up to 4 times more expensive than non-organic foods. (What is the opposite of organic? Is it GMO?)

3. The toilet bowls have way too much water. The toilet paper rolls are also one ply, way too thin. Okay, that is it about toilets….I hope…

4. Total strangers give you their personal history and activities without blinking an eye.

5. Racism is REAL. That is a blog post by itself.

6. Americans have options. Options for everything. What transportation to take – bus, streetcar, bike, train, plane; Where to eat – fast food joints, restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels; What cereal to buy – an entire aisle in a supermarket. I think the having of options is what makes America AMERICA.

7. There are way more old people in America because they are well taken care of. Controversial, yes. But I think older people in specialized care seem to live longer than those fending for themselves.

8. People ask questions. When they don’t understand, they ask. When there are two paths to follow, they ask which one to follow. When the train is late, they ask why.

9. For the above reason, I think too much information is provided to people. For example, why would I want to know, as a traveler, that there has been a mudslide that has covered the train tracks so we need to move slowly otherwise the cliff will come crashing down on us and that there is a freight train ahead of us that is slowing us down….? I had rather the Kenyan, “We will get there”

10. Very trusting people. People leave their bags on the table and go away or don’t really close their doors too often and don’t walk with the bags clutched to their bodies. This could be just because of the areas I have been……

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