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Mrs. Adrian Said….. Cuteness


When we were younger, Mrs. Adrian loved taking us to parties or events organised by various professional bodies she belonged. We used to enjoy it so much that even when she was attending out of town conferences, we would beg to go with her and when she could afford it, we tagged along. We were such regulars to these conferences that I remember once we provided the evening entertainment to these serious professionals – thank goodness they weren’t watching us re-enact a scene from WWF (which was our specialty, I was Tugboat – my shape selected that character for me), rather, we sang happy songs to Jesus and they were so impressed. Now that I am a grown up, I wonder how my mum lived through the humiliation that must have been our singing voices.

Anyway, Mrs. Adrian still invites us to these events. And she expects us to still be excited at the thought of just tagging along. And none of us selected that profession as a career!

E-mail from Mrs. Adrian: The professionals conference is happening between these two dates. Are you game?

Njenva: Game for us to go for the professional conference? Where is it?

Why not? Venue to be advised.

Do other people come with their grown up children? We were cute and special when we were small, but now, we are just special………

Serious cuteness does not fade with age.