Amazing People


I have written and re-written this post so many times. I have decided to post the shortened version. I want to keep the amplified version in my head, for now.


There were some days I was kind of bored during my trip – there are so many places of interest that you can visit on a daily basis. There were so many options of activities to do in Portland and the plays are what I really enjoyed. On Mrs. Adrian’s birthday (the day after my own birthday!), I decided to go watch a play. 

So the play I decided to watch was Aida. Nyaguthii may like to think it was because I had missed her, but what swung me that way was the fact that it was a musical. I love musicals. And I loved the play so much that I couldn’t wait to tell Nyaguthii all about it! And shock! Some school was showing the play in Kenya and she went to watch it that same week. And she loved it too!

The reason for this post is not to give details about the play. Or the nastiness I encountered on that day.

The reason for this post is to remind Njenva that God loves her and will always sort her out and direct her towards joy.

A few minutes before the play started, this young couple came in and sat next to me. They introduced themselves and being the well brought up young lady that I am, I did the same.

Dude: So what brings you here?

Njenva: Here? Portland? Or the play?

The play


Hahahaha. For us it was the nice music and lit up stairs we saw from the outside. Where are you from?


Really!? What are you doing in Portland?


Njenva? Aren’t we friends already? You just can’t say “work”

Insert long explanation about what I was doing for work


Insert long conversation with bits such as how they got married 6 months ago, how they share some religious beliefs as I do, how we both performed in plays when younger (younger used very relatively here!) and different places we have visited.

Then all of a sudden we realized that the play was just starting and we had to shut up!


End of Act One

More conversation. Drat. Is the Intermission over

End of Act Two

So, are we meeting up later on to continue with our conversation?

Yeah, lets!

Exchange of contact details.


See you later!

You’d think that would be the end of it.

What makes you think that the next Sunday, Njenva was not in a train on the way to visit their parents? Yeah. It was the most amazing experience ever. I met their parents, siblings, nieces and nephew. Got to hang out with them the whole afternoon and missed my train back because we agreed that spending time together was more important than catching a silly train.

And what makes you think that I wasn’t crying when they dropped me at my hotel that night. I was so touched by their (looking for the right word here) pureness. They were just nice people. No. They were amazing people.

Thank God I went to watch Aida. Because I met really amazing people, made really great friends and I got a recipe for an amazing desert that my family got to try last weekend.

Cheers to random amazing friends. Can’t wait to show them Kenya!

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