Daily Archives: April 15, 2014

Last Week’s Lessons


1. Don’t go to watch Noah if you haven’t passed by the bathroom. There is so much water on screen even if you didn’t need to go to the bathroom you will want to!

2. I have now reached the age where people MY age are dying. Before it was our grandparents, our parents and now it has gotten to us. Goodness, this life is short.

3. Maybe online dating is not for me. I have shut down ALL my accounts. Yeah, they were many…….

4. Stupid is as stupid does.  Forest got it right. This is especially dedicated to the trolls who tried annoying me last week.

5. Some things are in-born. Others aren’t. Like procrastination. I need to stop procrastinating. It is hurting my life.

6. It is okay to feel bleh about yourself. Just not forever. And you need to come out of it. Get yourself out of that hole. No one else really cares enough for you to do it for you. Whatever it is you are feeling bleh about, deal with it and move on.

7. Some things / friendships / jobs are just not meant to be.

8. Stromae. TA FETE! I have decided on my allegiances for World Cup. Belgium, Brazil and Ivory Coast. So help us God!

9.  For someone who doesn’t drink tea, having 3 flasks is abit of an overkill. People who want to buy me presents can now send me cash instead 🙂

10. I will not fall down in a faint if I don’t read a book for 5 days straight. Very surprising lesson!

11. Hipilicious and I went to the most “saved” bridal shower we have ever attended. And we had a blast!

12. Just wondering, what items would it be a taboo to have your house-help wash for you?