Daily Archives: May 23, 2014

Updates: 231114


1. She has left! TDS, we have a new subject to observe and report on. Right now, the subject’s name is “Katangi Kadogo

2. Last week, TDS activities nearly ground to a halt. I think a subject nearly called the cops on us. So we are currently laying low….

3. Josh is now back in Dar – family and friends have received them with hugs and smiles, the update I last received is that he is very happy. We keep praying.

4. Losing weight is hard. As Nyaguthii told me, it needs consistency. Consistency is hard to find. Lesson learnt so far this year? Losing weight is mostly about the kitchen. The track and the gym are mostly for toning, endurance and improving in sports.

5. Shout out to Waruguru, she has made some parts of this week AWESOME. Happy birthday chica!

6. I am learning how to prune my heart. Not very easy.

7. I hate my bathroom. I cried about it. First world problems.

8. I need to learn how to use my new camera. Anyone know anywhere that one can go for lessons?

9. Who has ever been to Morocco?

10. I really don’t understand the concept of TMI. Somebody stop me!