The Gentleman


This girl walks into a plane. It is a crowded flight and she finds a gem! A seat that is next to a window and the only other person seated on that row is at the aisle. She requests him to let her pass and he agrees. She moves to the window seat, buckles up and falls asleep.

Just when the plane is about to take off, she feels hands touching her hips and she wakes up with a start. And she scowls at the old man that is now seated in the middle seat. The plane is full. He is looking at his hands which are still near her hips.

I was just checking whether you have worn your seat belt“, he says.

Thanks, I have“, she responds.

And she went back to sleep.

Until she felt someone touching her stomach. WHAT?!

Food is being served. I have requested the stewardess to offer you beef!” he says as he unfolds the meal tray which was what touched her stomach.

She will have water and Mirinda“, he continues to tell the stewardess.

The girl is in shock but chooses not to show it. So what if she had wanted to eat chicken instead. Ah, it’s all the same, right?

Thanks“, she says.

She then proceeds to eat in silence. And she has just put all the trash together when the old man comes alive. He gestures to the stewardess who provides him with toothpicks. He goes on to clear the girl’s meal tray and folds it back up into the seat in front of her. He then peels off the paper from the toothpick and offers it to the girl. She takes the toothpick clearly noting where his hands have touched the toothpick. As soon as she is done, he takes back the toothpick and puts it together with his trash.

If she thought he was done, she was in for a huge surprise. Because he now uses his hands to wipe off crumbs from her dress. And then confirms again that her seat belt has been fastened.

She now can’t sleep because she is super freaked out.

The pilot announces that they are about to land.

She closes her eyes because she hates landing.

Then she hears the last words she will ever hear from that old man. “Bismillah“, he says as the plane is 2 seconds away from touching the runway.

And Njenva’ will never forget this, which is one of her best flights – Hargeisa to Mogadishu.

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  1. OK. Let’s be honest here: you are very attractive to weirdos! First “kama nilikosa bole” now Mr caring . Lord where is her Prince? You do know I’m laughing hard right now don’t you? That was sweet of the man though 🙂 but freaky too

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