Daily Archives: June 3, 2014

Dear: Good Parents


Dear Good Parents,

I have known you for nearly 5 years now. And I would like to congratulate you on what I imagine to be great parenting skills. I hear that kids are a reflection of the parents (thought Mrs. Adrian says that this ends after a certain age!) and your kids are amazing. They are well mannered, well adjusted and quite humorous. Your kids are those super obedient ones that other kids laugh at but later get jealous of. They have so far avoided most pit falls that are befalling other kids of their age – drug abuse, drunken driving, early pregnancy, being holed up in their bedrooms for ages, not speaking with parents, etc.

I don’t know what exactly or how exactly you have been able to raise two amazing human beings. I just thought I should say congratulations. The world is a better place because of how you have governed your kingdom.

Your friend,